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Peter Stöckmann

Beitragvon Peter Stöckmann » 31.08.2005 16:51 Uhr

CAMMON WINDSOLAR ENERGY INC. is searching for business partners in order to develop and construct wind farms in the Philippines. We are especially looking for: Financing, Joint Ventures, Guarantors, Mediators.

We plan to generate and serve the growing energy demand of the Philippines with safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible wind power generation.

After nearly four years of intensive research, site identifications, viability studies and documentation work, the CAMMON WINDSOLAR ENERGY INC. was established, consisting of German and Filipino partners. We formed a joint venture with a reliable and competent Canadian, and other German Partners to make our organization stronger.

The Joint venture intends to bring the German Windmill Technology into the country, known to be one of the best in the world.

The CAMMON WINDSOLAR ENERGY INC. has identified more than 36 DOE protected Sites, all of them with an average wind speed between 7 and 10 m/s, and an overall area of more than 100,000 hectares, more than 85% is owned by the Government. The potential sites are spread all over the Philippine territories, where the necessary permissions are available. We are searching for additional financing partners to develop more of our different areas.

We work mainly for the ideas of the renewable energy, as wind and solar, but we are also open for a co-operation in further areas of the business activities in the Philippines.

Here a short update; please take a look to our website:

The side is under construction and reflects about 50 % of our conceptions.

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