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Beitragvon GammaB » 04.12.2015 10:32 Uhr

Did you know that Denmark has the bold ambition to be coal free by 2025?

Join the country that actually does something about climate change, not only talks about it!

In Denmark 50% of the energy supply will be renewable within 2020. Our ambitious goal is to be coal free within 2025. We need more people who are willing to act, not just talk. We need YOU! 50% of our energy efficiency companies are located in Southern Denmark, where you can leverage from a high income, a relaxed work culture, an unmatched work/life balance and a comfortable setting for your family and partner. Take a look at the available jobs and read more about life as an expat in Denmark. You may be pleasantly surprised.It’s your career. It’s your move. Think Denmark.



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